The HR Department will love the insights they receive into their organization’s well-being

The HR Department will get a full 360° in-depth view of their organizations performance and well-being month after month. Fully automated and friction free.

LetsAsk® helps you build great organizations and culture throughout locations, departments, and teams

  • Get 360-degree insights into your organization’s well-being

    With a set of questions, based on ratings, comments, and feedback, you will receive 360-degree insights into your organization’s overall well-being. This will provide you with comprehensive knowledge about the well-being, performance, and engagement throughout your entire organization.

  • Ongoing and recurring insights

    LetsAsk® is a fully automated month-over-month employee experience and feedback platform. You will get insights every month, or how ever often you would like, to measure in real-time, the well-being of your organization.

  • The heartbeat of your organization

    LetsAsk® is the heartbeat of your organization, which shows the health of your teams, departments, and people in a revolutionary and modern way. This will help you perform your HR duties insightfully and impactful.

Get real insights that makes sense to the HR Department that can be compared over time

  • Gain insights through ratings, comments, and feedback

    LetsAsk® Heartbeat is based on a number of carefully selected questions from ratings, comments, and feedback. Everything is measurable and gives insights into key workplace metrics and KPI's by different filters such as teams, departments, and locations.

  • Understand what matters

    With insights based on employee’s responses, you will learn what really matters to the teams and people. This will help you focus on those topics that really matter to your organization, helping you build happy and successful work environments where people can grow, flourish, and thrive.

  • Compare month over month to see trends and directions

    Receiving ongoing employee experience data will help you monitor and follow trends and directions in your organizations on a new level. This will help you adjust to situations, see problems and be ahead of what is going on in your organization.

Detect potential problems, abuse, or wrongdoing early on – and respond timely

  • Detect problems, abuse, or wrongdoing in the organization

    Using LetsAsk® employee feedback platform to detect problems, abuse, or wrongdoing in the organization, can help pinpoint and isolate potential hidden issues, such as misbehavior, offensives, malpractice, violations, internal mischief or even crimes within your organization.

  • Protect your organization’s reputation

    Rude and disrespectful behavior, customer service or serious wrongdoing in the organization can lead to the demise of your organization’s reputation and result in an onset of bad customer reviews and negative press. LetsAsk® can help you protect your organization’s reputation that would otherwise lead to damage control, loss of revenue and long-term harm to your brand and product.

  • Address issues before they become serious problems

    LetsAsk® will provide your organization with insight and information so you can detect and address potential problems and concerns before they become escalated serious issues. Being aware of situations beforehand will save your organization time, expense, and your company’s built brand and reputation.

Building amazing workplaces takes ongoing commitment, insights, and effort

  • Insights helps you build amazing workplaces

    With the right insight you can build dynamic workplaces, teams, and organizations. You learn what works for your organization and you utilize the data and how to continue building with the feedback from your surveys.

  • Promote culture, engagement, and team spirit

    Build and promote the ideal company culture to your organization and implement engagement and team spirit that make workplaces great. With the right tools, you know where to target your efforts and goals.

  • Attract and retain top talent with the help of an employee experience platform

    Creating great workplaces is essential to attract and retain the right talent. In today's competitive job market, it's critical to attract top talent so that you can create the ideal dream team.

Get LetsAsk® started in your organization today!

It's ready to use

LetsAsk® is preloaded with questions and ready to run right away! It also comes with a 30-day free trial so you can try it before you decide! Sign-up today!

It's easy to implement

LetsAsk® is easy to implement. Just add your departments, locations, and employees. Review the set of questions and you are ready to go!

Option to customize

Customize LetsAsk® to your organization? Yes, if you want, you can setup your own questions and ratings, so it fits your organization fully.

Measure the things that matters

Every month (or how often you would like), you will automatically get detailed insights into key workplace metrics and KPI´s about your organizations performance, engagement and well-being. Here are some examples of metrics you can measure.

Heartbeat Score

Heartbeat is the overall compilation of all the aquired data and feedback from employees.

Employee Engagement

Measure employees engagement and that everyone is commited to the workplace.

Workplace Environment

Is your workplace safe? Are there any abuse, wrong-doing or unsafe environment. Lets get it out in the open.

Teamwork & Productivity

Measure the teamwork, collaboration and the overall productivity of the organization.

Personal Performance & Well-being

Measure personal performance and well-being and track areas of concern.

Stress Level & Workloads

Keep a close eye on your workforce stress-levels and workloads, so you can target right areas.

Management & Communication

How is the collaboration with managers and management. Is the vision of the company and communication reaching everyone.

NPS & eNPS Score

Measure Net Promoter Score® and see if your brand and workplace are likely to be recommended.

Ideas & Suggestions

Get the good ideas and feedback on the table, helping you becoming more innovative and creating better workplaces.

The metrics and KPI’s shown here are based on our ready to use survey questions that can fit most organizations right out of the box.
However these metrics, KPI’s and questions can be customized fully by your prefrences.

Fully automated when implemented!

  • Fully automated platform!

    When implemented everything is fully automated. Each survey round is distributed, results are received, and repeated every x number of weeks of your choice. You can sit back and enjoy a fully automated employee experience and feedback platform.

  • Friction free and non-intrusive to employee’s workday

    LetsAsk® is an easy-to-use platform and non-intrusive to each employee’s workday. The platform is intuitive, and it takes only 5-8 minutes to complete the survey. Best of all, there’s no need to download an app, everything works within your browser on any mobile device, laptop or desktop computer.

Want to learn more or take LetsAsk® for a test drive?

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