Key Platform Features

360° Employee Experience and Feedback Platform

LetsAsk® tracks and monitors employee engagement and well-being in a friction free and modern way!

LetsAsk® is an ongoing, fully automated, and recurring employee experience and feedback platform

LetsAsk® is a recurring survey-based employee experience and feedback platform, which utilize rating-based questions to measure and monitor a number of key workplace metrics and KPI’s over time. This platform provides HR and Management with 360-degree insights into employee well-being and engagement throughout the organization.

LetsAsk® consists of 25-30* questions based on ratings, comments, and feedback

LetsAsk® is based on a number of carefully designed questions by ratings, which touches upon diverse topics and metrics to measure employee experience, engagement and well-being.

The platform is fully customizable, and you can design your very own survey and questions, with topics specific to your interest, industry and organization.

* You can customize your own set of questions, categories and KPI’s or use our predefined questions right away.

Distributes automatically to all employees via e-mail or SMS

Surveys are sent via e-mail or SMS depending on your contact of choice every 8th* week or how often you want. Employees will receive a link where they can start the survey, give ratings, comments, and feedback.

The surveys work directly from employees’ mobile, laptop or desktop computer, without the need of downloading an app.

Works seamlessly in any orgnization

Fully Anonymous

For the best and most honest feedback, we have made the survey fully anonymous. We believe this is the best way to get raw, constructive, and honest feedback.

Fully Automated

When implemented, our surveys are fully automated. The survey will be preset to automatically send out surveys on scheduled intervals, which expires automatically, and results are calculated automatically.


LetsAsk® is non-intrusive to your employee’s workday. Taking a survey takes around 5-8 minutes and employees can do so when they find it convenient - from work, home or on the move.

Analytics gives you 360-degree insights into your organization - month after month

LetsAsk® analytics tool gives your detailed in-depth insights into feedback and data from the surveys from your organization. This gives you 360-degree views of your organizations well-being throughout various categories, KPI’s and metrics, which can be narrowed down by different filters. The analytics is the information center that reflects the current heartbeat of your organization.

Track action plans and follow the impact on the organization

Track and monitor changes to the organization using our Action Log. This will help you understand impacts to the organization and help you understand what is working, what is not working and visualize the improvements over time.

Track participation and engagement to the LetsAsk® Platform

Make sure everyone is part of the experience and feedback into the LetsAsk® Platform by getting insight into participation level. This will give you information into the commitment to create better work environments and provides you with insight where to promote LetsAsk® more in the organization. Every voice matters.

Ready to use right away – or you can customize the platform

LetsAsk® is ready to use, with predefined questions, categories and KPI’s. All you need to do, is add locations, departments, and your employees. It’s simple, and it’s ready to go!

– or, you can customize the platform with your own set of questions, categories and KPI’s you would like to measure and monitor.

Safe, Secure and Cloud Based

LetsAsk® is a safe and secure platform to perform surveys throughout your organization in a private and safe manner. All data are collected and presented fully anonymous to secure full privacy for all participants. The platform is cloud based so there are no concerns or impact into existing infrastructure.

GDPR & CCPA Compliant

LetsAsk® follows and is compliant to EU GDPR and CCPA rules, regulations, and guidelines. LetsAsk® is committed to always ensure individual privacy and safety throughout our entire platform.

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