360° Employee Experience and Feedback Platform


Measure key workplace metrics

Employee Well-being

Teamwork & Productivity

Workplace Environment

Employee Engagement

Stress Level & Workload

Management & Leadership

Internal Communication

NPS & eNPS Scores

Or customize with your own metrics and KPI’s


Stay connected with your employees no matter where they are

  • Get 360 degree insights on a recurring schedule

    LetsAsk® gives you 360 degree insights into your organizations well-being on a recurring, fully automated and ongoing interval.

  • Get insights into deparments and locations

    Get insights into departments and locations, and monitor and track employee experience. This will keep you connected to each department and location on a whole new level.

  • Increase productivity, teamwork and performance

    Using an automated platform to measure employee experience, you can use the information to increase productivity, performance, teamwork and well-being throughout your entire organization.


Compare key workplace metrics and follow trends and directions over time

LetsAsk® is a recurring and fully automated survey platform that automatically sends out surveys to your employees on a set interval (every x number of weeks).

This way you can follow and compare trends and directions continuesly to get a full 360 degree insight into your organizations engagement and well-being month after month.

Measure key workplace metrics such as

Or you can customize the platform with your own questions, categories and KPI’s


Build a workplace your employees will love by listening to what matters

  • Invest in people and grow your business

    People are everything in any business. It takes ongoing investment and effort to build a successful business and understanding the dynamics that grow both.

  • Connect employee experience to build better workplaces

    With feedback and insights into your organization, you can build the best workplace where employees can grow and evolve inside their jobs, their teams and departments.

  • Attract and retain people

    With the right people approach, you can retain and attract the right talent to your organization. Using an employee experience and feedback platform, you learn what matters and where to add focus to become a popular workplace.


Detect potential problems early on - and react in time

  • Detect potential problems early on

    Using an employee feedback platform helps detecting problems, abuse or wrong-doing in the organization, and can help "pull" out potential hidden problems in the organization on an ongoing and recurring interval.

  • Avoid bad customer reputation or negative public attention

    Bad behaviours, bad customer service or serious wrong-doing in the organization, can lead to bad customer reputation or negative public attention. That can cause loss of revenue and long-term damage to brand and product.

  • Attend to issues before they become serious problems

    With insight you can now detect and attend to potential issues and concerns before the become serious problems or grows out of hand.


No app download needed - everything works right from your mobile or dekstop

  • No app downloaded needed

    LetsAsk® works with no use of an app. Everything works on mobile or desktops using standard web-browser technology. It's safe and secure, and without touching any existing infrastructure or security concerns.

  • It's simple and everyone can do it

    Taking the surveys are simple and easy for everyone. Just follow an invite link, and start filling out the survey. It takes usually around 5-8 minutes. Progress is saved on the go, so you can always return and continue. Final submission is fully anonoumous.

Fully Automated!

Just implement and hit the start button. The survey platform is fully automated and requires minimim maintenance. You have full control and are always notified on platform events.

Anonymous Surveys

For the best feedback, we believe that surveys should be anonymous. We believe there are higher chances of getting honest and constructive feedback when everyone are free to share their feedback.

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