This is how LetsAsk® works in 4 easy and
fully automated workflows!

1. First...

LetsAsk® sends out a Survey by e-mail or SMS automatically to all your employees

2. Then...

Now pending the responses and feedback from your employees

* You can custom set the number of days to respond

3. Voila!!

Results are in and ready to be reviewed and analyzed!

4. Let's repeat!

Repeat this again in x number of weeks or months – fully automated

* You can custom set the number of weeks between survey rounds.

Try a test survey right now!

Get an invite to a survey right now and see how it feels from the employee point of view

How to get started in your organization

1. Sign-up with LetsAsk® - there's a 30 days free trial

Sign-up with LetsAsk®. You always have a 30-day free trial to test drive our product and features, and to learn more about the platform. Click below to create your free trial today!

2. Import or create your organization

The next step is to create your locations and departments in your organization. Then you create or import your employees onto the platform. You can import by Excel CSV file or create them one by one.

3. Review the ready to use questions

Look at the predefined and ready to use questions. If you like them, then simply move onto step 4. If not, you can adjust the questions by removing or adding your own questions. Feel free to contact us if you have special requests!

4. Decide how often you want to ask your employees

Almost ready! Now you just need to decide how often you want to ask your employees. You can set any range between 4-24 weeks. That’s it! Now you are ready and good to go! Fully automated!

Then it's just click "Start" and you are ready to go

No credit card needed. 30 days free trial with no obligations at all.